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The affordable electronic crime deterrent for vehicles use alone or as a visible addition to an existing alarm system. The Guardian 3000 simulates a high-cost alarm system; it looks so authentic even experienced security personnel have been fooled by it.

Guardian 3000
Protect your vehicle with the Guardian 3000 Simulated Car Alarm

The Guardian 3000 can be installed in minutes anywhere on your dashboard, and is easily relocated as desired without altering the vehicle interior. Use the Guardian 3000 alone or in addition to an existing alarm system. Wire and light fit or slide between mating panels or between dashboard and windshield. Simulated leather case hides neatly under dash, and comes complete with Velcro strip for easy installation.

See model Guardian 3000 on the Order Form for multi-unit discount pricing.

Guardian 3000 Simulated Car Alarm
  • Fits all vehicles
  • 30 day GUARANTEE, 1 year warranty
  • Complements many anti-theft devices
  • No tools required
  • No electrical link to vehicle
  • Gives the appearance of an expensive, installed alarm
  • Great gift idea
  • Uses easily replaceable C-size batteries
  • Ideal for vehicles in storage batteries last for months

Best of all, the Guardian 3000 is only $24.00

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