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Other Security Devices

Affordable crime deterrents for home and business – use as a visible addition to an existing alarm system. Security System Signage simulates a high-cost alarm system; it looks so authentic even experienced security personnel have been fooled by it.

DuoCal Warning Decals
DuoCal Warning! Alarm System Electronically Protected DecalThese blue and white stickers give additional protection at an affordable price. DuoCal Warning Decals can be applied on inside windows or outdoors on a clean, dry surface.

See item DC-1 on the Order Form.

Yard Sign
"Protected by electronic automatic alarm system"

Yard Protected by Electronic Automatic Alarm System SignThis weatherproof, 10" octagonal sign with a 36” aluminum stake is an excellent addition to the Scarecrow® electronic crime deterrent. Stop intrusions before they happen.

See item YS-1 on the Order Form.

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