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We are involved in insuring commercial businesses and many residential homes, and have suggested the installation of your Scarecrow® product to many of our clients. We have never had a client who used your product experience a loss.

R.A. Wolk, President,  Wolk Insurance Company, Inc./Farmers Insc. Group

On our last visit to our son's home, to our amazement, we were halted at his front doorway by a new, blinking light device we had not been told about. Having spent several years in the professional security business, my wife and I concluded it was best that we not unlock the door until we located our son. Yes, the laugh was on us, as our son said, 'It really does work!'

L.P. Thon,  Retired Police Officer and Security Systems V.P.

Thanks to Scarecrow® I believe I have escaped two burglaries. Both my landlord and another tenant in our small plex were 'hit,' and only after they were and I wasn't did they install Scarecrow®. I am truly a believer…

Residential Homeowner

We are so happy that you make an affordable crime deterrent. The houses on our street have been broken into, but not ours, and we feel that the 'Mr. Scarecrow®' (as we call it) saved our home from burglars.

Kent and Kay,  Delaware Homeowners

I live in a remote wilderness area… and we had over 200 break-ins in the 23 cabins in a 12-year period. Since installing these devices there has been a marked decline in such activity.

Alan,  California Cabin Owner

Your product has fooled everyone. I had a salesman for home security systems stop and want to sell me a home system, but then he said, 'You already have a security system so I guess you don’t need one.' I said, 'Yes,' and he never knew the difference.

Mrs. Yost,  Homeowner

We bought one (Scarecrow®) about 10 years ago for our vacation home here in Nova Scotia, and haven’t been broken into since, even though it’s in a remote area. We’d like one for the back door and also some friends would like one.

Nova Scotia Homeowner

I have had one on my 42-foot cruiser for 8 years and know of two occasions when it stopped theft.

Honolulu Boat Owner

Farmers Insurance letter of commendation to Motek, Inc.
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